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Indian Idol Season 6 - Mumbai Auditions Open

INDIAN IDOL - SEASON 6 - Auditions Open
A. Anyone who is an Indian citizen, residing in India and between 16 to 30 years of age as on 16th Feb 2012 can participate in “Indian Idol – Season 6”(Show”). No person can participate on behalf of another person.


Viewer Any personnel who complies with the pre-requisites laid down by the Organizers, and  wishes to register for the Online Audition   
1. Entry Procedures to the Show through online medium
2. Registration for participation in the Show shall be open on February 16, 2012 at 12:00:00 hrs on the online platform.
3. The Registrants shall fulfill the following criteria: 
4. The Show is open to individuals aged between 16 and 30 as on February 16, 2012. 
5. Registrants aged 18 or under must ensure their application and any Release Form, is reviewed, approved and signed by a parent or legal guardian. 
6. Citizens of India or hold a valid Indian passport.
7. Person of sound mind

Persons who have not qualified until the Piano Round of the previous   seasons of Indian Idol.

1. The promotions will be aired on the Channel inviting all viewers to register for the Show. 

Detailed timelines for registration are as below:
Location : Mumbai
Audition Start date: 18-May-12
Audition End date:  19-May-12

Lines Open- Online
Date : 16- Feb-12 
Time : 12:00:00

Lines Close- Online
Date : 14-May-12
Time : 23:59:59

Different modes of participation :
You can participate via:
1. SMS: 
SMS IDOL<space>age<space>gender<space>city name to 52525. e.g. “IDOL 25 M MUM”
The city codes for short listed audition locations are as below:
City    MUMBAI
Code  MUM   
You will receive a confirmation message on successful receipt of the message.

2.         IVR :
Subscribers need to dial 5052525* to register
* BSNL landline subscribers from Punjab & Rajasthan need to dial 1255525 to register.
On dialing the number, following steps need to be followed in order to register for participation:
Step 1: Select your preferred language in the IVR system (Hindi/English)
Step 2: Agree to Terms and Conditions of participation. Detailed Terms and Conditions for participation are available at www.myindianidol.com
Step 3: Select your preferred city for auditions (from amongst the options provided)
Step 4: Enter age in completed years (between 16 to 30 years as on 16th February 2012)
Step 5: Select your gender
At each step you will be required to confirm your input. Failure to input a valid key press in a maximum of two attempts will result in call termination and the entry will not be registered.

 3. ON LINE :
1.         How to enter the Show online
1.         Registrant to log on to www.myindianidol.com
2.         Registrant to enter the following mandatory information
1.         Name
2.         Contact number
3.         E mail id
4.         Preferred audition location
5.         Age (as on February 16, 2012)
6.         Gender
7.         Why should I be chosen as Indian Idol?(within 160 characters)

Every Registrant participating in the online Audition will unconditionally accept the terms and conditions governing the Show listed in www.myindianidol.com.
Education: NA

Contact Detail
Contact Person:
Casting Director
Sony TV
Email / Link:
Phone number:

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