Friday, August 12, 2011

Fresh female actor for Hindi video album in Delhi

This post is to inform about opportunity in Delhi for female & male actors.

Fresh Female & Male actor for Hindi video album in Delhi

AKS Music & Video Production (AKSMVP) is a Delhi based production company offering video production with a professional team from different fields like writers, music directors, singers, directors, artists,cinematographers, video editors, in-house and post-production facilities. The whole team has "JUNOON" for work.

AKS Music & Video Production needs fresh male & female actors for our Next Upcoming Project "MASTI" a Hindi video album for consisting of 9 songs with all type of flavor like fast beat song, slow beat song, dance mansti, romantic and sad songs. It is a high quality video.

Contact Person : Anil

Contact Number: +91 9728180775, 9582470780



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